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Contact Person: Lenin S
Designation: Chief Editor (for
Address: sinirekha, vettinadu, vattappara po, tvm,kerala 695028
Contact Number: 9249966978

However, before making a complaint viewers are encouraged to go through the code of Ethics & Broadcasting Standards, News Broadcasting Standards Regulations and Guide to Complaint Redressal.

Sl.noGrievances and actions taken Number

1Number1Grievances pending at the beginning of the month–

2Grievances received during the month–

3Grievances disposed out of (1) above–

4Grievances disposed out of (2) above–

5Grievances pending at the end of the month (1+2-3-4)–

6Classification of grievances disposed–

6(a)Grievances not related to Code of Ethics–

6(b)Grievances related to Code of Ethics–

(i) Agreed to by the publisher and action taken–

(ii) Not agreed to by the publisher–

(iii) Any other action taken–

6Orders, directions and advisories received from Central Government and Self-regulatory Bodies–

7(a)Number of Orders, directions and advisories received–

7(b)Orders, directions and advisories complied to–